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Where to buy heads?

We lauched selling activities over eBay & Amazon.
Visit our website regularly to keep postet.
You can order and pay now by using the Paypal
'Buy Now' buttons, see Web-shop page!

It's time to replace your shaving heads.

Designed for you!







Detail of a construction drawing


losse-kapjesShaver Parts is established because of the needs for Philips rotary shaver replacement parts. Shaver parts will start with shaving-foils or so called shaving heads of course with cutters (the inner blade).
Our foils are suitable for most of Philips Philishave shavers, in US under the name Norelco, nowadays also under the Philips Brandname. The foils also suitable for Remington (Izumi) and Carrera (MAN) models, see overview. Our price pollicy is to give you the best value for money. We 'Shaver Parts' selected for you the best and biggest foil and cutter factory in China. Shaver-Parts.com have the exclusivity rights to sell these foils & cutters to you.
You can buy your foils and cutters save by Paypal over our website or if you like on Amazon DE or Amazon UK.

Go to our Webshop if you want to order directly your shaving heads.

amazon-de amazon-uk

Don't throw your old Philishave Shaver away but give you rotary shaver a second live with our new foils & cutters. Look in menu models overview if your shaver model is also listed. It's easy to replace foils & cutters in your shaver.
The in advance Payment button of Paypal is added for secure and safe payment. Go to menu item WEB-SHOP for ordering. Open a Paypal account if don't have any, it's simple and the savest way for payments on the Internet.


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